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" Let's never forget where we came from and we will find peace in our destiny. "

Did you get your dose today ?

Created in summer 19' G.Y.D studio ( pronounced JIWAYDEE ) stand for

" Get Your Dose"

Get your dose is not just a brand, it's a mindset articulated to feed your soul before your eyes.

It’s about consciousness discovery and stepping boldly into our best self

Dive in.

By choosing to produce her collections in Africa, starting by Togo where she is originally from, the parisian Kimberly Anthony CEO and designer of G.Y.D studio wants to bring visibility on the continent savoir-faire but also help to improve the economic system by developping her vision on the territory and opening the country to the world through fashion. 

As an exagerated proportions lover, her collection of bold garments showcase a multicultural inspired system revisited with a masculine-feminine osmosis which represents both traits of her personality and reflect on her vision as much as spiritual evolution throughout the years.


 The journey has started a long time ago and every one is a part of the plan.

Energies does not lies and our strength reside in ourselves but also in unity,

 The G.Y.D army is here to break the cycle and inspire others to do the same.

It started with a goal or a dream like some calls it, and Kimberly chooses to be crazy enough to believe that it was achievable.

G.Y.D studio represent a generation.

We are this generation,

made of people who have seen , who have been yet who still believe.

We are this generation,

made of people who came from nothing and working on leaving something behind.

It’s up to us to make change but change also requires courage...

Everyone has a purpose in life, it’s all about finding her, sticking to it and making sure that it can benefit to others.

Chase a vision,

find your purpose

& enjoy the process.

Get your dose of energy
Get your dose of culture
Get your dose of strengh
Get your dose of inspiration

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